About Autism STAR

Autism STAR provides employment-focused training, advocacy  and recruitment options for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Our Vision

Our vision is for autism spectrum to be acknowledged and recognised as a highly valued and respected attribute in the employment sector, and for autistic and Asperger employees and job seekers to recognise their individual and full potential.

Our Clients

Autism STAR provides support to anyone with a diagnosis of autism, Asperger syndrome or any other social cognitive disorder. Support will also be provided to individuals who are undiagnosed but believe themselves to be on the autism spectrum. Our clients range from school leavers and graduates to job seekers, employees and managers.


Autism STAR provides support to schools, educational institutions, agencies, employers and other organisations through staff and management training in autism awareness. Options are available for both groups and individuals.

Support is also offered to autistic employees and managers in the form of training and advocacy.

Open Letter of Introduction

Please click the attached pdf below for an introduction to Autism STAR Pty Ltd. Please feel free to distribute.

Introducting Autism STAR.pdf 

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